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Inter FacePainter

In UI Design, More is More.

A paradigm-shifting gamechanger in the world of UI/UX/IxD/AIX design. With Inter FacePainter, you’re finally able to break out of the grid and literally paint interfaces that are as expressive and beautiful as you are.


Satromizer Online

SOL harnesses the raw power of the web browser and takes Satromizing into the troposphere—where clouds are. This desktop-quality web app gives you unprecedented control. Creating professional glitch art has never been easier!

sOS 4

The World's First Easter Egg OS.

In sOS, Satromizing is more than just mere file corruption, it's a foundational building block that can be integrated into any app. From sliders to scalers; from loaders to pre-loaders, the Satromizer building blocks are unmistakeable in Satromizer OS. Nearly everything you touch glitches before your eyes!

Satromizer iPhone

The World's First Multi-Touch Glitch App.

Celebrate compression artifacts by reaching out and touching data. The Satromizer iPhone App allows you to easliy corrupt a file by scrambling data at the point of contact. Let your fingers do the glitching for you!

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